About Mitti

Mitti was created to teach people practical skills; micromastery of arts that create a state of flow and mindfulness using materials from the natural world. 

It’s about the process…a sense of mindfulness, acheiving flow. Flow is a feeling of self-consciousness, of practicing learned skills allow for a feeling of control over the process and outcome, losing awareness of physical need and time.  Working with natural materials; plants and flowers evokes all of our senses, nurturing our well being and our souls. Nature inherently creates a state of mindfulness 

Our instructors are carefully chosen for their ability to be helpful, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable 

Mitti focuses exclusively on classes for wellness programs, corporate events, and team building. 

Our classes are taught at your location and offsite at one of our partner locations. 

Everyone gets to take home their creations.  

About our Founder

Mitti was created by Kimberly Sevilla. Scientist, Club Kid, Creative Director, Entrepreneur. 

Kimberly has a unique relationship with the natural world. Her mom describes it as “being artsy” and “different”

She grew up in West Virginia, on a dirt road, off another dirt road, plants and trees were her companions. 

Her roots are in Chemistry and Biology and worked creating GMOs for the USDA in West Virginia. As fascinating as DNA manipulation may have been, Kimberly decided to take a sabbatical and pursue her dream of becoming a Club Kid and designing fabulous outfits for drag queens. Her passion is art and design.

In her ascent to Club Kid fame, she inadvertently became a Creative Director who traveled the world creating 3D environmental projections with virtual imaging along with sets and printed colleterial for retail displays, museums and promotions.  

Her Clients included Chanel, Burberry, Cartier, Barney’s Calvin Klein, The City of Shanghai, Smithsonian Museum, Cole Haan, The American Museum of Natural History, Deutsche Bank, Reebok, Pepsi, Mac Cosmetics and the NFL. 

To stay grounded, she practiced all sorts of practical skills in her upstate weekend home.  She combed old books and historical documents to learn woodworking, organic gardening, home canning, winemaking, cheese making, beer brewing, and any other lost art that caught her eye. 

After many years of traveling the world creating elaborate events and displays, Kimberly decided it was time to get back to her roots of working with plants and flowers, but the un-engineered kind, in concrete clad, New York City. Thus Rose Red & Lavender came to be, a sweet, little plant and flower shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It was her mission to teach skills to people so they can embrace the natural world. She fell in love with the personal aspects of events and weddings and being a part of people’s lives at such an impactful moment. Rose Red & Lavender continues to be an important part of people’s lives creating floral designs for events and weddings. 

Mitti was created to teach people practical skills; micro-mastery of arts that create a state of flow and mindfulness using materials from the natural world. 

When not learning new skills, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her family: camping, hiking, and kayaking.