Using Nature



Mitti-Attar was the first fragrance captured by humans. 

It is the smell of the air when it first starts to rain.

We created Mitti to teach practical skills to people that will bring joy into their lives and help create a state of mindfulness. 

Our classes incorporate the earth, botanical materials and nature in an approachable, friendly way.


Wellness Programs

Our classes are a perfect complement to any corporate or residential Wellness Program and can be taught on sight or at one of our offsite locations..

No Woo Woo

Working with natural materials evokes all of our senses touch, sight, smell, sound and sometimes taste.  The process creates a a mindful state in an easy, approachable fashion


It's about the process… Our instructors are carefully chosen for their ability to be helpful, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable

Staff Favorites


Literally Moss Ball in Japanese. Kokedama is a type of Bonsai where you can create living art. Participants will learn about the types of plants that can be made into this beautiful, peaceful sculpture.

Soap Making

Making your own Soaps can be rewarding and the ultimate in self care. Not only that, it's a great conversation starter at any party. Learn about different types of oils and what they do and make a custom scent blend for your very own creation. Participants get to take home a starter kit for soap making at home.

All art is but an imitation of nature.

Practical Skills
Working with plants and flowers incorporates all of the senses. Instant relaxation, timelessness.
Self Care

Our Classes teach people skills that they can use for self care and mindfulness practices at home

Team Building

Learning new skills and doing activities using plants and flowers is a great team building exercise and perfect for special events and team summits. 


Floral Design

We teach floral design in a no judgement fashion that focuses on the process, and the opportunity to enjoy and relax.

Bath Bombs

Learn how to create your own fizzy bath bombs using the essential oils of your choice.


 Often requested, a perennial favorite. Terrariums are a great way to have some greenery on your desk and have a quiet moment in your day.